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Covid-19 Update

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Neighbourhood Plan referendum regrettably cannot take place until May 2021 at the earliest.  The next stage of the plan is called Regulation 14 and requires a public consultation which is not currently possible and will therefore be undertaken when it is practically possible.  The Neighbourhood Plan steering group are still meeting regularly via Microsoft Teams to ensure the plan is still progressing behind the scenes.  We will keep you updated as and when we have more information.

Bierton and Broughton Neighbourhood Plan

Latest News 24th September 2019

We have now launched a specific Neighbourhood Plan website.  It is still a work in progress but will hopefully be easier to navigate.  Please check it out at

Your community needs you!  Through the Neighbourhood Plan communities can shape the shared vision of their local area including the development and growth.  By developing a cohesive Neighbourhood Plan we can choose where we want new homes, shops, and businesses to be built and have an input into what infrastructure should be provided to help the growth of our parish.  The Neighbourhood Plan provides us with a powerful set of tools as a community to ensure we get the right types of development and growth.  By working with the strategic priorities of the wider local area we will achieve an organic Neighbourhood Plan that can be built on as priorities and needs within the local community change.

An example neighbourhood plan: Quainton Neighbourhood Plan

and Cheddington Neighbourhood plan

Aylesbury’s: Draft Local Plan

For more in depth information and supporting documentation please click the links below:

Neighbourhood Plan Information

Neighbourhood Plan Vision



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