Bierton has been fighting development for many years. In 2009 a Bierton and Broughton Action Group was formed to fight a development of 4500 homes which were planned for development in order to fulfill a quota of new houses which AVDC had agreed to build in return for the building of the new Theatre in Aylesbury Town centre. We lost that battle only to have a government inspector object to the plan on enviromental and sustainability grounds. AVDC pulled the Core Stratergy plan after the government pulled the South Eastern Development plan in 2010.

Only a few months later Barratts put in another application to build 2500 homes in Bierton and Broughton in the same place as the inspector had objected to.

You can read the BwBPC Response

The Bierton residents are now working on their own plan for the village, back by a new policy from the Conservatives who are favouring development plans from the ground up. More news to come from that group as it is released.

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