Objections to Development at Barnett Way

Provided by Bierton Action Group

The following Documents are example objection letters which are provided with the text below.
Objection Letter 1
Objection Letter 2
Objection Letter 3
Objection Letter 4

Dear Bierton Resident,

Thank you for your support in objecting to the above planning application and providing me with your email address.

Our target is to generate 200 objections. Please forward this email to any other residents, friends or relatives that you feel may lend their support. Remember that all members of your household can submit separate objections – they can be identical and they all count!

I have attached 4 different objection letters that you can use to object to AVDC. I would recommend that you select the one that most closely represents your point of view and add or modify it with any personal comments you wish to make… or pick and mix the ideas. I have also included the ’10 Key Reasons to Object’ at the bottom of this email.

You have 3 different options to submit your comments:

1. On the AVDC website.
To view the application first click this link: https://publicaccess.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/
…then enter the planning reference: 15/03374/AOP
Click on the comments tab on the application page
Enter your details as requested
Cut and paste (from attached letters or 10 key reasons at the bottom of this email) or type in the grounds for your objection into the comments box.
I recommend that you click “send me an email confirming me comments” as this will act as proof of delivery.
Then submit.

2. Email your letter
email to: devcon@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk
You can attach your letter or paste the text into your email including:
– your name and address
– the application reference number, which is 15/03374/AOP
– state that you are objecting to the proposal and detail the reasons for your objection in the body of your letter

3. Post your letter
AVDC Planning (FAO Miss Claire Gray)
The Gateway
Gatehouse Road
Aylesbury, Bucks
HP19 8FF

– your name and address
– the application reference number, which is 15/03374/AOP
– state that you are objecting to the proposal and detail the reasons for your objection in the body of your letter

Below are 10 key reasons why we believe planning permission should not be granted for the development of the land North of Barnett Way:

1. This open site is on the edge of the conservation area and close to a site of special scientific interest (SSSI)
• As identified in the AVDC HELAA the proximity of housing would irreversibly impact views to and from the conservation area
• Housing so close to SSSI area will disturb the equilibrium and natural environment

2. Preservation of village identity
• As identified in the AVDC HELAA this development is not consistent with linear character of the village
• This development represents an unnatural urban extension into open countryside

3. This development is not sustainable
• The proposal is environmentally damaging and does little to contribute to the local economy
• Bierton does not have a secondary school, a GP surgery, local shops or access to an ATM – these are all over a mile away
• The convenient bus service described in the planning application is to be re-routed from the A418 to serve the Kingsbrook development

4. Loss of amenity for local residents
• As identified in the AVDC HELAA there would be a significant and obtrusive impact on landscape views.
• Rural setting, views and landscape are highly valued by the local community and used dog walking and general countryside related benefits.

5. Traffic impact
• Increased impact on Bierton as a whole, especially with the additional traffic that will result from the 2450 house Kingswood development
• The development would result in congestion in and around Barnett Way, especially in rush hours

6. Existing development – The village will already be taking on the impact of various nearby development
• These include: Kingsbrook, Crematorium, Watermead East, Aston Clinton MDA, Woodlands

7. High grade agricultural land and historic landscape
• Grade 2 Agricultural land
• Historical landscape, featuring ridges and furrows, has been unchanged for centuries

8. Capacity of local schools, doctors and other infrastructure
• Approved developments nearby will already put severe pressure on the infrastructure

9. Flooding
• There is evidence of a high water table and winter flooding on the proposed site

10. This development represents an unnatural and unwanted urban extension into open countryside

Thanks again for your support.

John Sylvester
Bierton Action Group

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